International Female Orgasm Day

Someone just emailed me that to-day is the day to celebrate? or recognize this. I know where he’s coming from but not where this is.

I mean what does this mean to-day for women,, which women, where?

This man apparently talks abut men faking them which is good news i think. Evens the situation out, as it says.

But there are so many issues. One of them I will bring forth on this day.

Skene glands. WHAT? What the hell are they? So sorry! It is Skene’s glands, no skene’s gland. You see even I am not sure. I just found out about them in the last few weeks, just came to understand that they are involved in female ejaculation and as far as that is concerned, this is an area that has taken all my life, more than 50 years, to experience.  Bit of an area to be looked at, talked about and understood.


Why have i never had one before? Why do so many women fear them? And why are we letting this anatomical part be surgically removed when it has repeated cysts or infections? The same with the absence of the cervix in a hysterectomy, how few women know, or used to know, that one has orgasms involving this.

How much don’t we know? it is quite upsetting to realize this. I am not the one to write an academic article on it nor to write an in-depth essay on it. But if you haven’t heard of it, here’s the wikipedia link’s_gland


and if you read it and want to go further in the upsetting area of our :”unknowledge”, have a look at this:

well now i can’t find the one where the wife wanted it/them removed since she was embarassed with this kind of orgasm. quite upetting to think many women would want this.

but in searching for it i found this which was a much improved relationship to the whole topic, men wanting to know

and in looking at his sources I find that one is an axel braun, porn star

and then there is jason julius and i can’t be bothered to find his site

but i think that there is an attempt to understand it but still with an approach that is push-the-button sex. tooooooooooo much of that in all magazines etc etc


oh there is no much but still not enough

i leave with this image that is an abstract




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